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Have you removed your Jetpad and now want to reattach it? Are you about to change bikes and have no intention of buying another Jetpad?
Did you have to remove it to paint the tank, to fit a bag, or for any other reason? You can find the replacement double-sided tape for your Jetpad here.


Made in conjunction with 3M, the world leader in the adhesives industry and synonymous with high technology and quality, our double-sided tape is specifically for the JETPAD and is derived from the best performing double-sided adhesives on the market, to ensure the highest performance when combined with smooth, painted surfaces, such as the tank of your motorbike. Rolls Royce uses a similar double-sided tape to fix the figurine on the bonnet of its cars. This gives you an idea of the strength we wanted to give our Jetpads.

We have tested it on the most delicate surfaces you might find on an old motorbike with a non-original paint job, to make sure that it will not damage any tanks at all when removed. Although, being on this page, you should have already tested it.





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