The inspiration comes from a character born from the mind of Ian Fleming: Geofrey Boothroyd, better known as Agent Q.

In the 007 novels, Q is the head of the R&D department creating the most unthinkable gadgets that from mission to mission are entrusted to MI6 agents, including James Bond himself.

Every time you leave home, go to work, start for a trip to a distant country, or simply decide to enjoy a moment on the highest peak you see, maybe you don't think about it, but you are embarking on a mission.

Our laboratory combines the high Made in Italy craftsmanship with the latest technological discoveries, and shakes everything with a mix of bold, but functional design, to offer innovative solutions to problems that few take the trouble to solve, or that in many subordinate them to commercial choices.


To lovers of the outdoors, to explorers of all places and by any means, be they motorcyclists, skiers, climbers or commuters, to the everyday or even rare times a year adventurers.

To dynamic people.

To those with plenty of personality, to those who know what they want. Basically to customers, not consumers.

Because the customer is always right, the consumer is always wrong.

If you recognize yourself in one of these descriptions and you know what you are looking for, there is a good chance that Q LAB will become your favorite brand.



If you are wondering which vegetable fibers we use or how many times you can recycle our products, you are on the wrong site: our approach to sustainability is not limited to these marketing tricks, but is systemic and radical.

Our idea of ​​sustainability is based on 3 fundamental points, all interconnected with each other: space, time and product adaptability.


This planet is a finite system and, as such, we cannot exploit it to derive an infinite amount of things. The most popular solution today is that of recycling: recycle in order not to consume new resources. Instead, we think that consumption is the main problem, since not everything can be recycled and considering that recycling is a wasteful process in terms of resources and energy. Hence the need to create products that are not mere consumer items, but that have that extra something that pushes you to take them with you at least for an important part of your life, avoiding them ending up in the waste.

For this reason the first thing we can do for this planet is to ask ourselves: "How can we develop products that, or why you will love them, or why you will not be able to destroy them easily, will last as long as possible?"

The artisan dimension of Q LAB, inspired by the prototype's department of Q, is the first answer. We don't try to produce millions and millions of units, but the few we create are made to last more than a lifetime and to be passed down from father to son.

Basically: BETTER, NOT MORE.


We try to give our creations a strong character, like the focus of a traveler who knows where he is going and who will therefore not allow anything or anyone to drag him on a different path.
A timeless design with its own identity cannot be influenced by styles and trends.
This is a fundamental point for the longevity of the product.
After all, with so many factors that can determine the obsolescence of a product, we have no time to waste on the fashions of the moment.


Man is not an inanimate, static object. He is a constantly changing being.
If we did not give our products the possibility to change over time, to evolve and adapt according to new needs, their ability to withstand the course of time would be lost.

A first solution is contained in the modularity of our products: the parts subjected to greater stress and wear can be easily removed for an easy repair or for a targeted replacement. Furthermore, this constructive approach allows us to concentrate the best recyclable materials in the realization of these components.

A second solution is given by modularity: the presence of an ever-expanding accessories catalog will allow you to update, modify and expand the characteristics of your Q LAB creations, always keeping them up to date with your needs.

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