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FLATBAT - Cuscino in gel da viaggio

FLATBAT - Cuscino in gel da viaggio

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Thanks to its gel memory, the FLATBAT is the universal accessory that will allow you to travel further afield.

  • Available in 4 colours and 2 densities;
  • Ergonomic two-piece design for improved comfort and ventilation;
  • Shape that allows it to be mounted on both rider and passenger seat;
  • Only 1.5 cm high for comfort without raising the seat too high;
  • Nautical Eco-leather upholstery, withstands the most extreme environments without fading or discolouration;
  • Waterproof materials and design with surface drainage channels to prevent water pockets forming when driving in the rain;
  • 6 attachment points for best fit on any saddle;
  • Non-slip bottom for maximum stability in all riding conditions;
  • Entirely made in Italy with certified and guaranteed Italian materials.

  • TRAVEL IN FIRST CLASS - Is your bike's seat hard, uncomfortable and anything but suitable for long journeys? Your girlfriend doesn't want to ride with you because the seat is too uncomfortable? You don't want to buy a very expensive comfort seat that you will only use on rare occasions? Q Lab has the ideal solution for you!

  • MAXIMUM COMFORT IN ALL CONDITIONS - Resistant to water and abrasion, equipped with a high-grip non-slip bottom and 6 attachment points, the Flatbat will be an irreplaceable travelling companion. On hot summer days, its special aerodynamic design generates air currents that help you stay cool.

  • INNOVATION MADE IN ITALY - The special design of this creation is the result of more than a year and a half of studies, tests, and thousands of kilometres covered in all conditions. You'll be surprised to try it on a sports bike and discover that when riding with your knee on the ground, it's as if it weren't there, thanks to the super-thin design and the top-quality leather used as upholstery.

    Technical data sheet

    Maximum height: 23.5 cm
    Maximum width: 31 cm
    Min. height: 19 cm
    Minimum width: 21.5 cm
    Thickness: 12 mm
    Strap length: 60 cm
    Fastening system: sliding loops with D-ring
    Weight: 510 g (70-100 kg) / 500 g (50-80 kg)





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